About John Bain

John Bain is a noted and beloved YouTube personality. More than merely being a celebrity and entertainer, John has courageously stood up for many people who have often felt voiceless and marginalized by the wider culture. Unfortunately, for his advocacy and ferocity, it has cost him many friends and associates due to lies and slander. Many of these libellous campaigns coincided with his chemotherapy effort to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer.

Because of his unflinching stance and courage he has won the hearts of many in the Video Game Community. The news that his cancer had spread to his liver with a prognosis of 2-3 years to live devastated hundreds of thousands of people. Given the nature of Gamers, rather than being shocked into silence and despair many responded with efforts to do charities in his name, to donate blood, and some even to seek a liver donor.

As one writer says, "Today we are now your shamans, priests and druids", in an effort to heal our beloved "TotalBiscuit." And in response, John has asked us for our most powerful potions. This site is dedicated as a response to his request.

About Prayer

Prayer is not a magic incantation nor a spell. It is the simple reaching out of the human heart to connect to something beyond, something greater. It is a universal human longing in times of great suffering or crisis to reach out — to one another and to the great beyond.

To some, prayer seems like living in a childish fantasy and reaching for something that's not there. That may be, but the one thing that it is undeniable is that it is sincere, and when done on behalf of those who are suffering, it is done in love.

The answers of why good people suffer is something that all people of all faiths have to reconcile in their own hearts, but the one certainty is that when we see even a stranger in distress good people will reach out and move mountains; when something is beyond our capability, we will even reach out to what lies beyond to help another in need.

To those who are skeptical: it is my hope that we can all come together to offer our hearts and minds, our hopes and love for someone deserving. Even if nothing else happens, our beloved John will know he is loved by so many.

If something wonderful should happen and we get a "miracle?" I would personally say, "It was a remarkable coincidence of medical mishaps and misdiagnosis." Because that's what we really need and what we are praying for.

The Prayers

Please join in a universal prayer to all on the behalf of John Bain, also known as TotalBiscuit:

"God, who is merciful and compassionate: we humbly ask for the healing of John Bain. Grant him strength and tenacity for the trials ahead. Grant his family serenity and peace amidst struggle and turmoil. And especially grant his doctors wisdom and insight. While we petition for a complete and total cure freeing him of cancer, grant to all of us the grace and understanding to accept your divine will, which is love itself. Amen."

I wanted to include this special prayer. Please join in if you feel comfortable:

"Saint Joan of Arc, warrior and martyr, Patroness of Heroic Causes, we ask for your special intercession on behalf of John Bain. Though you fought fiercely against your political opponents on Earth, you never forgot their common humanity or their immortal destinies in Heaven. Please intercede once again for this particular Son of England who carries your same benevolent spirit in his battles. We also ask you in particular because you also were maligned, abandoned and falsely accused in your time of need and have great love and affinity for those who have suffered unjustly. Glorious Saint Joan, pray for John in his hour of need and for us who love him."

About Joan of Arc

The story of Joan of Arc is surrounded in a lot of legend and lore, but the reality is that her life is one of the most well documented in history. This is due to fact that testimony of her life story was given under oath in a court of law by both her friends and enemies in two separate trials over the span of 25 years. The first trial held by her political enemies falsely condemned her to death, and the second retrial held by the Pope which found her innocent and cleared the historical record.

Even Mark Twain, a noted skeptic and critic of organized religion, spent twelve years of his life researching Joan's story and trial documents. Despite his marvellous works including Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, he has repeatedly insisted that his Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, written as a fictional memoir of historical events, is his best work.

Despite her beloved country having lived nearly 100 years under invasion, Joan never forgot the common humanity of her political enemies. She would beg the English to surrender and ask that they peacefully return to their homes with no ill will. They would refuse, but after winning the battle, she would enjoin her soldiers to treat the captured and wounded with mercy. On one occassion, mortally wounded English soldiers begged to have French priests hear their confessions for fear of damnation. Out of hatred for their oppressors, the French priests refused to give enemy soldiers mercy from eternal hellfire. In response, Joan ordered the execution of French priests if they refused to show mercy and be sent to answer to God directly for their lack of charity.

Why Pray to Joan?

It is Catholic belief that we don't truly die and that we have friends and loved ones who pray and intercede for us and share in our trials even from the great beyond. Death is not a barrier to love.

For Catholics, prayer isn't worship but petitioning those who we know are alive in Christ. Moreover, we believe that God doesn't monopolize the healing works of Jesus, but that he chooses to work with and through our humanity so that we can share in his nature and will: love itself. In prayer, I hope to reach out and ask for her particular intercession on behalf of our beloved John.

I have chosen St. Joan for many reasons, among them is that her close affiliation with many of the traits and trials she shares with John Bain. Most especially she had a great love and patience for the skeptics of her day and even for her English enemies. As a side note, it is my belief that if there is a God, he has a wicked sense of humor about little ironies like this.

More importantly, St. Joan is known for curing cancer. During the process of canonization, Catholics ask God for signs if a particular person truly is in Heaven. Despite Joan's seemingly miraculous life, the Catholic Church still demands that miracles must be performed post-humously to show proof of Sainthood. Medical miracles are often what is used for the canonization process because they are rigorously documented and less subject to hysteria. In the case of Joan, one of the four people she cured had stomach cancer.